Brian On The Box

Brian's first TV series was 'Five Alive' for TVS - a team sketch show in which he appeared with Doon MacKichan, Peter Piper, Andrew Secombe and Joanna Brookes. It proved popular and went to a second series with Phil Nice replacing Andrew. Brian played many diverse characters as well as featuring a solo comedy spot each week. Then he moved to LWT for two series of 'This Way Up'. This proved something of an innovation by mixing sketches with audience interaction routines and again was an extremely popular show establishing Brian Conley as a major star.

This was followed by three series of 'The Brian Conley Show' again for LWT. The first two series were recorded from the stage of The Churchill Theatre Bromley. This was where the characters of Nick Frisbee with Larry the Loafer (The OTT children's presenter) and Dangerous Brian were born. Presenter Nick Owen first introduced the silver clad hero to our screens and later John Sachs took on the straight man role. Dangerous Brian carried out some amazing stunts for our enjoyment including walking on hot coals; eating a car and tackling a crack SAS team!!!

Nick Frisbee, of course, brought a catchphrase into our home. "It's a puppet" would be shouted out to Brian wherever he went - even during a show in Canada!! The third series of 'The Brian Conley Show' went back into the studio but retained the same feel as the theatre production and special guests were brought in including Sheila Ferguson, Helen Reddy and Shania Twain.

During the making of all these wonderful series Brian also did a lot of one off TV's like 'Summertime Special', 'Live From Her Majesty's', 'This is Your Life' and of course 'The Royal Variety Show'.

Television then took a back seat as he concentrated on major stage musicals - but he came back with a bang on the National Lottery Show - 'We've Got Your Number' for the BBC. Shot live every Saturday night for thirteen weeks Brian once again proved he was a Major Force on the box. The rigours of live TV did not phase him and he had another hit on his hands. "The Balls Decide" became a new in phrase as ordinary people achieved some amazing things with Brian's help. One Manchester United fan won the turf for his garden when the famous pitch was dug up and a young lady from Swindon had a bus named after her! Drawmaster John Willan became the butt of the Conley humour and admitted he loved every minute of it. During the final show of the run every member of the audience was given a bottle of Champagne with a special label - as a lasting memory of a great series.

Then came 'The Brian Conley Show' for ITV. A mixture of song, gags and chat with some very famous guests. Have a look at our 'Gallery' page for a selection of photographs from the last great series.

Whenever Brian does a TV series he likes to give a little present to everyone who has been involved. As you can imagine this can amount to quite a lot of people. Here's what he gave at the end of 'The Brian Conley Show' which was screened in April and May 2000. At the final 'end of series' party each person got one of these little memento's as a personal thank you from the star of the show. This is something he's indulged in for quite a few years now - so there are a few of us with a goodly collection of BC plaques. (Each one has a slightly different inscription).


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Brian Conley as 'Nick Frisbee'.

Once upon a time - there was Nick Frisbee!

Brian Conley & Simon Cowell

The Brian Conley Show, Series Three. Brian with one of his guests Simon Cowell. To see more photographs from the third show click here

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