Brian Conley in 'Circus' The Movie

You may have already seen some negative reviews of 'Circus' but don't let these put you off. Maybe this has worked in the film's favour since I entered the cinema expecting to be disappointed and left pleasantly surprised. Perhaps other reviewers did not watch the same film - it just isn't that bad. In fact much of it is very good.I suppose it could be criticised for not being very original in that it's trying to be 'Lock Stock' with a hint of 'Pulp Fiction'. However the plot is intriguing and the cast is excellent. John Hannah stars as Leo, a small-time conman living in Brighton with his wife Lily (Famke Janssen). Ruthless gangster Bruno, played by Brian Conley, wants Leo to run his Casino in Manchester but Leo just wants to flee the country and soak up the sun with his wife. He is trapped by a lack of funds so decides to embark upon one last job. Nerdy accountant Julius (Peter Stormare) hires Leo to kill his wife (Amanda Donohoe) but when the job is done Leo discovers the woman was a stranger and that he has been framed. He turns to Bruno for help and then the plot thickens as more and more of Leo's friends and acquaintances are found to be involved. Can he trust anyone and can he himself be trusted?